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AGO Atlanta Chapter LISTSERV


What is a LISTSERV and what is AGOAtlanta-L?

A LISTSERV is an electronic mail facility which allows you to participate in an electronic discussion group on topics of interest related to our membership.

Now chapter members can:
Directly submit notices of upcoming concerts, special services, etc.
Send questions to the membership on any topic
Keep the membership notified of special member needs or other announcements
As a member of the UGA faculty I am pleased to make this service available to the chapter.

List Owners” will be William F. Coscarelli <wfcmusic@uga.edu> and David Barber <david.barber@charter.net>

If you have any questions or problems about/with the list you can contact either one of us. We both would like to be notified if your email address changes in any way as the list will only allow you to post from your registered email address. Please note you can also have more than one email registered with the list.


The Beginners' Very Brief Guide to Using the AGOAtlanta-L email Listserv

  1. Email address for posting to the AGO Atlanta Listserv is: AGOAtlanta-L@listserv.uga.edu
    (Note that there is no “E” at the end of LISTSERV and the email address is not case sensitive.)
  2. The list is set up to automatically reply to the original sender of a message.        
    Please consider the following:
    • If someone is asking for information for personal use, respond directly to that individual – please verify your response is NOT going to the list.
    • If the person requesting the information feels the answers would be of interest to the chapter at large, offer to ‘summarize’ the responses in a follow-up email.
  3. Please include “AGO ATLANTA” in the subject line, sign your emails with your name, and include information such as contact phone number, email address, name of your church/institution, etc. Never assume that the recipients can locate your contact information.
  4. The Listserv may be used for notices of upcoming concerts or services (1 notice per event, please), requests for substitutes, questions to the membership on music or church related topics, and to inform the membership of member needs or announcements of interest to the entire chapter.
  5. Solicitating for business purposes is prohibited. Newsletter and yearbook ads are available for purchase at reasonable rates for this purpose.
  6. Job postings should be directed to the current Employment Referral Chair.  Chapter members should not post openings on the listserv for non-members or institutions. Direct these posting requests to the Employment Referral Chair.
  7. Keep your postings G rated. Remember that we have a wide age range of subscribers. Avoid communications that might incite a “flame war” – remember, let’s keep our communications civil.
  8. The list is currently set up to allow attachments to be sent with your email – Word.doc documents, PDF files, picture files, etc. Note that some members email clients might not accept attachments, so include contact information in the body of your email.
  9. Important information regarding YOUR email address(es):
    • If you use more than one email address and wish to be able to send messages to the list, BOTH addresses need to be registered:
      ex.: wfcmusic@uga.edu AND wcoscarelli@charter.net
    • If your email address changes IN ANY WAY (or to be removed from the list) please notify:
      -William Coscarelli: wfcmusic@uga.edu and wcoscarelli@charter.net
      -David Barber: d_barber@bellsouth.net
  10. Currently new chapter members may be added to the list by contacting William Coscarelli or David Barber at the above addresses.
  11. Because the listserv is a benefit of Atlanta AGO chapter membership, Listserv contacts will be reviewed and non-renewing chapter member addresses will be removed on a yearly basis.
  12. If you will be going on vacation or you have multiple email addresses registered and would like only your primary email client to receive messages, follow these steps:
    • Open a blank email – leave the subject line blank
    • Address it to: LISTSERV@UGA.EDU [not case sensitive]
    • Type the following line exactly into in the body of the text: set AGOATLANTA-L nomail
      (do not include any signature information – only the above line of text)
    • Send the message – and confirm no subject [if you are prompted to reply]
    • To reactivate your account, follow steps a-b and type the following line in the body of your message:    set AGOATLANTA-L mail
  13. Many good etiquette resources exist on the web and here are a couple of examples: